Ex Mobile Libraries, Buses & Coaches

Ex Mobile Libraries, Buses & Coaches

At Multi Vehicle Technology we appreciate that many of our clients have very good reasons for wishing to achieve their requirements via the refurbishment of pre-owned vehicles such as ex mobile libraries, buses and coaches.

Where this is the case we at Multi Vehicle Technology are more than happy to undertake the sourcing of any particular vehicle for you and undertake searches via our many contacts in the trade to locate a base vehicle that meets your financial and size criteria. Pre-owned mobile libraries, buses and coaches are available at all ages, condition and budgets making it reasonably easy for us to find what you need.

Alternatively if you have sourced or already own a vehicle we are only too pleased collect and undertake any work you require.

In addition to refurbishment and fitting out we can undertake all mechanical work you may require along with arranging MOT certification etc.

We’d love to share our technical experience and creative ideas with you and help with advice, along with any further information you may require.
Call us on 0116 276 9023 or email us at sales@multivehicletechnology.com