Mobile Incident & Command Units

Mobile Incident and Command Vehicles

Multi Vehicle Technology build innovative mobile incident or command vehicles to your requirements from 3.5 tonne van conversions through to full HGV sized vehicles.

Our vehicles have been designed to attend specialist incidents and be independently powered and have communication links sufficient from a few hours through to a few weeks, without the need to recharge / power the onboard technology.

Our incident and command vehicles enable our clients to handle any incident efficiently and have effective communication within minutes of arriving at a scene.

Regardless whether your vehicle is new, or a refurbishment project, we’ll work closely with you to satisfy your exact specification.

Whilst requirements will vary from build to build, we look to provide a complex technological advanced solution that is robust and easy to use by the operator.

Internally, we modify the vehicle to meet our customer’s wishes. The intention is to reflect an operational command room, clearly on a smaller scale, but with all the normal critical elements. We can provide the level of finish and comfort that you require.

Our vehicles are finished to our typical high standards with features available including:
  • Briefing suite
  • Ergonomically designed workstations and seating
  • Silent running generator
  • Heating and climate control
  • Welfare facilities
  • Lighting and communications masts
  • Linked multimedia units

We’d love to share our technical experience and creative ideas with you and help with advice, along with any further information you may require.
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