Frequently Asked Questions

Can you repair my vehicle on site without us bringing it to you?

Depending upon the work or repair required we do offer a mobile maintenance service, or why not give us a call to discuss a vehicle maintenance contract.

I want to present my ideas to my colleagues and wonder if you can provide initial visuals for my presentation to them?

Yes we can.  All we require is a brief from you and we will prepare a 3D visual of either the exterior or interior view depending upon what you require. Where appropriate we can even provide a short animation for you.

Can you install our company products whilst the van is being converted?

Yes we can. We have a wide experience of installing clients equipment across an incredible range from mechanical items through to hi-tech products.

What is a “demountable”?

We use the term demountable to cover the bodies that we build which are transported on a vehicle or a trailer, but when on site can be “unloaded” so that entrance to them is at ground level.

Can you vinyl wrap my vehicle for me?

Yes we can. We can even produce design ideas for you if required or take your design and artwork and wrap an entire vehicle or trailer.

What does IEE mean?

IEE stands for the Institute of Electrical Engineers and is an abbreviation generally used to refer to the installation Regulations (currently 17thEdition) that we have to comply with when fitting electrics. All of our builds and conversions are inspected by an independent electrician qualified to undertake such inspections.  Once approved it is this inspector who issues a certificate to confirm all is correct.

Can we supply our own new vehicle for you to convert?

Yes of course you can. Whilst we have good contacts within the trade enabling us to offer competitive prices we are happy to work on vehicles supplied on a “free issue” basis.

Can climate control be fitted to a trailer?

We often install climate control systems which provide both heating and cooling.  There are two main types: Roof mounted which as implied fits onto the roof and is ideal for most applications, trailers, vans or chassis cabs.  Alternatively if roof mounting is for one reason or another not ideal then we can install an “under bench” system which is very compact and capable of fitting under seating or work tops.

Can you tell us how to comply with disability access requirements?

We are only too happy to advise on this subject, which can be misunderstood. Incidentally we also encourage our clients to take into account the needs of the visually impaired along with those who may have hearing difficulties for whom the simple installation of a hearing loop can be most important.

I have come across the letters CPC. What do they stand for?

The letters CPC in our context stand for Certificate of Professional Competence. Such a certificate needs to be obtained by any driver wanting to drive a vehicle or vehicle and trailer combination over 3500 kgs.  You have to attend and pass a course of training to obtain this certificate.

Can Multi Vehicle Technology Ltd supply replacement parts and service my Leicester Carriage Builders vehicle?

Yes we can.  We have extensive knowledge of the design and build of these vehicles and we can offer a full maintenance service.

Must my vehicle be fitted with a tachograph?

If your vehicle is rated at more than 3500 kgs MAM (Maximum Authorised Mass) also known as Gross Plated Weight, then your vehicle must be fitted with a tachograph (although there are a few exemptions) and the driver will require their own tachograph card (obtained from DVLA).  The driver must also comply with driver working hours.

I am towing a trailer behind a 4x4 and don’t think I need a tachograph?

Sorry, but if the combined weight of vehicle and trailer exceed 3500 kgs you will need to install a tachograph in your 4×4.

Is it possible to install a toilet in a mobile library?

Yes it is. There are various models and styles available but we would generally recommend a cassette toilet as the most practical. Naturally we would also incorporate handwash facilities alongside any toilet installation.

What is an IVA?

The letters IVA stand for Individual Vehicle Approval. In recent years the UK has signed up to some incredibly detailed regulations which are known as European Whole Vehicle Type Approvals.  Under these regulations any individually built or bespoke trailer or vehicle build must be subjected to a physical inspection by an approved inspector.  If passed the inspector provide an IVA which for a vehicle means that DVLA will then issue a Registration plate number.  To drive or tow any vehicle or trailer without having obtained an IVA is an offence.

Will Multi Vehicle Technology Ltd arrange an IVA?

Yes.  We will provide an IVA certificate for your vehicle or trailer as appropriate.   

Can you build any size of event trailer?

Event trailers restricted to a maximum gross weight (sometimes referred to as MAM or Maximum Authorised Mass) of 3500 kgs and this weight of trailer is limited to a maximum length of 7 metres and width of 2.55 metres although there is no limit on height.  We do fit expanding pod and platforms that can increase floor space once on site.